Spanish Genuine Experiences


To be genuine is to “conserve natural or typical characteristics with absolute purity or authenticity”. Experience can be defined as the “knowledge of something that is acquired by having done, lived or felt it”. These two ideas define OCOA. Our deepest wish is that your client feels precisely these sentiments when he visits our country.


a world full of possibilities for you and yout clients


As stated previously, our philosophy of service ensures that all our private customer journeys are carefully designed down to the finest detail. We create our itineraries with the aim of guaranteeing complete customer satisfaction; selecting hotels with extreme discrimination and engaging only the very best local services.

Travel concierge service

The exceptional traveller merits service of the highest standard. At OCOA our aim is to ensure the complete satisfaction of your client. To this end we take care of any and every request so that nothing, down to the smallest detail, is overlooked.

For our Travel Concierge Service attending to your client’s needs is the number one priority: attention of the highest quality to the smallest detail, designed to guarantee that your client derives the fullest possible enjoyment from each and every moment of their trip. A premium service dedicated solely to him.


We select the essence of the best routes and destinations in Spain so that you may live unique experiences within the party, never forgetting our fundamental philosophy: take care of everything down to the last detail.
We can also design routes for your clients with shared interests: photography, architecture, archaeology, gastronomy, oenology… Groups are led by recognised experts or instructors specialised in the field (photographers, historians, archaeologists…).

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